Meet Tisha
My love for photography came from my mom. Growing up, my mom always had a video camera in her hands for every occasion and holiday, and she also had our family pictures taken every year. I quickly realized the importance of it and started to gain interest in photography. I love looking at old photos and remembering the fun times and special moments that we had together as a family. Photography started out as a hobby but I fell in love with making my family and friends so happy with their image, so I invested more into photography. I have now been photographing for 5 years and I love my clients, the fun experiences that each session has and the relationships that I have built with my clients.
I love giving my clients photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. I enjoy capturing portrait and lifestyle photography. My goal in each session is to make each client feel comfortable to bring out their personality and genuine emotions. I enjoy meeting new people and understanding their story to create a unique and beautiful story of their life through photographs. 
When I'm not behind the lens or editing sessions, I'm watching movies with my family, watching documentaries are my favorite, playing at the park with my energetic 6 year old son. I love going on adventures and to see new places. I'm a foodie and love coffee, and I enjoy running and yoga.​​​​​​​
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