Since I photograph a lot of family sessions, I thought it would be best to share a few tips family sessions.
My first tip is to make sure the family is rested and fed. However, remember to bring some snacks to the session just in case. Some of the moms have used the snacks as bribes for the kids to smile. It usually works too. My second tip is not to match the same color. Pick a color and each person can wear a similar shade. Softer, lighter tones like soft blues, pinks, mixed with neutral, heather grays, creams, light browns and whites. This family below did this so well. My last tip is to have fun and let the little ones be little and give them grace. And get a babysitter. I'm actually not kidding. You and your spouse are already dressed up. After the session, drop off the kids with the babysitter and enjoy a date night. If you don't have a babysitter, then have dinner as a family. Make it an event and make more memories. If you need more style tips, go to the menu tab and click on Style Guide.
This is my first family blog and this family session is the perfect one to start with. Megan reached out to me to photograph her family and she wanted to have the session at City Park in New Orleans. City Park is my favorite location for family sessions and these images below will prove why. Lincoln was such a happy boy the entire session. He loved walking with his mom and dad, and looking at the ducks. I loved capturing Lincoln's adorable smile.
For your family sessions, I will capture the posed images. I know these are highly requested by the mom's and the grandparents. I also like to let the kids be kids and capture their fun personality. If I have not gotten a smile from the kids yet, this is where I always get the kids to smile. 
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